Our milk is transported by tanks and delivered to a milk factory four times a week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Holland Dairy pasteurizes and processes the milk and puts it into sachets or makes it into cheese, ice cream or yoghurt.


Fitsum, employee Holland Dairy:

Alfa milk has become well-known; in our factory and beyond.
Consistent quality in large quantities; perfect!’


Pig and Bull Meat

With our bull meat we create a market where quality makes the difference. At the moment we supply our meat to a number of restaurants and shops in Addis Ababa and Debre Zeit.

Although most of the Ethiopians do not eat pig meat because of religious reasons, there certainly is a market for it. Especially among foreigners, the meat is very popular.

Ken Willockx,
chef-kok Restaurant Le Grand Reve:

‘It is the quality of the meat of Alfa Farm that really matters! The quality is comparable with the meat I otherwise would have to import from Europe.’

Kassahun Abberu,
owner of Prime Meat shops:

I am always looking for the best quality meat for my shops. The people from Alfa Farm know what they are talking about!’

Corn Silage

Corn silage is an important product for Alfa Farm. Fodder production for cows is a new concept in Ethiopia. To increase the milk production in Ethiopia is important, as the population is growing rapidly and the demand for milk is going up. Feeding cows corn silage will help increase production. Enabling the farmers to have a higher milk yield will also help them economically.

Almaze Kebede, local farmer:

‘When I found out that I can take better care of my animals with less money, I was very pleased. An increase of milk production is a bonus!’