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Another tractor, ready to be transported from The Netherlands to Ethiopia.


Last month we enjoyed a day off with all Alfa Farm's staff!


The extension of the cow barn is near to finish! Roof parts, concrete food path, steel for components... within a few weeks time the housing for another 100 dairy cows will be finished.


Last week oats were seeded at a plot of 8 ha. A crop which grows approximately 6 weeks. This to ensure a proper use of the land, which will be used for maize production from January on. Maize will not be seeded yet, as there might be a chance of frost during the months December and January.


At the end of the rainy season, it is a good time to clean the cow barn.


‘Dancing cows’ can be seen in the pastures in the early spring, when the cows have been in the barn during the winter time. Their first jump into the fresh green grass makes them happy and excited. But it was not expected in the late evening in the milk barn. A switch had a problem and the milk pump stopped working. Annoying, but because the electric was led through the steel tubes, the cows became really crazy. This was because a lamp was connected to the steel. It took a while before the concerned problem was fixed. Now both switch and lamps are working properly. Just after midnight the cows became quiet…


Employees are nowadays wearing their new uniforms.
The bright green color of the T-shirt and the slogan FARMING FOR FUTURE at the backside helps to identify themselves being Alfa Farm's employee. 


As beer brewer Heineken entered the Ethiopian market, fodder supply of Alfa Farm will be completely changed. Until a couple of months ago, Alfa Farm was dependent on the -limited- availability of spent grain of St. George, part of the BCI Group.

A contractual determined quantity of spent grain supplied by Heineken, enables Alfa Farm to improve the TMR feed for local farmers. TMR is the abbreviation for Total Mixed Ration and contents all ingredients, which a cow is in need of. Not having considered the need of water, which for sure has to be available unlimited and fresh.

Convincing the farmers of the quality of the product and giving the cow sufficient time to get used to the product, TMR feed is offered to the customer for free for the first two cows for two weeks. The TMR product is introduced by the Ethiopian farmers by giving them basic advice. By comparing the introduction of the TMR feed with changing injera into bread for Ethiopian habitants, it enables them to imagine the change for their cows. Allow cows to get used to the new feed!


The Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture will start working with a centralized registration system for dairy cattle. Officials from the Ministry made a start with giving an ear tag to the Alfa Farm cows. For the animals that have been imported, one Dutch ear tag is replaced by an Ethiopian ear tag. Cows with a dual citizenship!


These days, we focus on teaching our operators how to feed the cows. A manual with quantities of ingredients is used, so that a constant ration is secured.
Currently approximately 100 cows are milked. The quantity of food they need, is too much to provide them once a day.
A couple of months ago it was decided to start feeding them twice daily.


On Wednesday mornings we usually organize a visitors program. During a one hour tour, visitors are guided throu
gh the farm and informed about the different aspects of our approach of farming. It is a valuable time, whether the visitors are students of Ethiopian universities, potential investors, local farmers or representatives of governmental organizations.


A photo of the harvest of alfalfa. The baler is used from an Agricultural Institute, which is located in Debre Zeit.

In cooperation with this Institute, Alfa Farm grew already three crops of maize during the raining seasons. This relationship is a good example of the development, which Alfa Farm wants to contribute to: gain a stronger position in the agricultural sector by using each other’s qualities and opportunities.


Recently, Prime Meat opened a meat sales shop in Addis Ababa.
The first of its kind in close cooperation with Alfa Farm!
The sales shop is located at the parking of Sishu’s restaurant (map).
Feel free to pay a visit!


The harvest of 50 ha of maize was finished last week.
A picture of the harvest team:


A few weeks ago, we celebrated a special moment: the first calf was born from a mother, who was born on the farm herself as well!


ETV, the Ethiopian Television company, recently came to make a documentary about our farm. We were able to share what our vision is, and what we try to accomplish through our goals. Several of our staff were interviewed as well, and talked about their contribution to the farm. Meanwhile the documentary has been aired on ETV several times.

We received a lot of response; we were pleasantly surprised!


As a result of the use of genetic material from The Netherlands, the quality of the pigs visibly improved.


Last week, investor Bert Flier visited Ethiopia with two guests from The Netherlands. One of them delivered the calves,
which were exported to Ethiopia. The other was engaged in getting the cow semen exported. Visiting the farm surely was valuable to them.

Beside that, Articifical Insemination service was provided.


We were blessed with showers during the small raining season, which gave the crops the power to grow!
Harvest is expected for early July.


Website online!


Seeding of 40 ha of maize completed.


Seeding started for 60 ha of maize.