Dairy cows

Alfa Farm purposefully decided to import Dutch dairy cows. This enabled us to start milking Dutch cows very quickly. Before the animals were purchased in The Netherlands, adequate housing was secured. Loose housing was built and all necessities were provided. In consultation with the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture and the exporter in The Netherlands, the first 25 pregnant heifers were imported in May 2011. In July 2011, a group of 39 calves was imported, and in October 2011 another 35 pregnant heifers came to Alfa Farm.

In October 2011 the first cows gave birth. Genetic material is used from an Artificial Insemination Station in The Netherlands. We use sexed semen, as female calves are necessary in order to build up our milking capacity. We aspire to have a calving interval less than 400 days as there is not only a demand for milk, but local farmers are also in need of good quality heifers and breeding bulls, which we plan to provide in the future.

Alfa Farm milks its dairy cows three times per day in a 6x2 DeLaval milking parlour (herring bone). The milk is transported through a closed system directly into the 5000 liter Mueller cooling tank.


In our breeding program we only work with Holstein Friesian bulls with good records. This enables us to keep our livestock at a high genetic level and enables us to deliver high quality breeding bulls to the local farmers.